About java abstract class

abstract method

What is an abstract method?

--Method whose processing content is undefined --The processing content is described in the inherited class.

Purpose of creating an Abstract method

--Used to specify the description, specifications, and design of the child class --Unified application design makes development easier

Declaration method

void normalMethod(){
abstract void abstractMethod();

The class containing the Abstract method must be a ╩╗abstract class`

abstract class

--Class containing Abstract method --Used to be the inheritance source

Declaration method

abstract class ClassName{
	//Method etc.

Inheritance of abstract class

class ChildClass extends AbstractClass{
	void abstractMethod(){
	  //Processing content

Concrete example

Example: A child class that inherits from the following student class will have to have a study method


I want to design the object of "Student class" to have "study method".
However, I don't know the specific content of the study method, so I wrote it abstractly with abstract.

The "Informaics Student class" is a class that inherits the student class.
Describe "I am studying informatics" in the study method.

abstract class

abstract class Student(){
	abstract void study();

Child class

class InformaicStudent() extends Student{
	void study(){
		System.out.println("I studied informatics");

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