Generate Stream from an array of primitive types in Java

Sometimes we use arrays of primitive types such as char and boolean. It is often possible to operate concisely by using the Stream API for arrays. However, ʻArrays # stream cannot be applied to primitive arrays other than ʻint, long, double, so make a note of what to do in such cases.

Use wrapper classes from the beginning

ʻArrays # stream` can be used for arrays of any object type, so how to use the wrapper class.

final Character[] array = {...};

Generate and map indexes with ʻIntStream`

favorite ʻIntStream # range` is used to generate indexes for the target array and map them to the elements of the array.

final char[] array = {...};
IntStream.range(0, array.length) //Note that it is not rangeClosed
         .mapToObj(i -> array[i])


Stream # flatMap is convenient when you want to operate the double array by stream at once. Example: I want to check if all the elements of a boolean type double array are true.

public void run() {
  final boolean[][] table = ...;

private Stream<Boolean> flatten(final boolean[] array) {
  return IntStream.range(0, array.length)
                  .mapToObj(i -> array[i]);

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