How to deal with different versions of rbenv and Ruby

I'm just starting programming recently, but I'd like to mention the problems I had when trying to update Ruby to a new one and how to solve it.

The environment is MacBook Pro OS Catalina. The original version of Ruby was 2.6.3. When I tried to update to 2.7.2.

You should have installed 2.7.2 from the Ruby update command from rbenv

rbenv version

And when you look at the version,

2.7.2 (set by /Users/○○○(username)/.ruby-version) 

I get it,

ruby -v

When you put it in

ruby 2.6.3p62

The characters are ...

If you look at various sites

which ruby rbenv global 2.7.2

Even if you put it in, it doesn't change at all. Similarly, when I type in the article of the person who is in trouble, while the terminal is open, it is temporarily fixed, but when I close it and check the version again, it returns to 2.6.3.

This code was useful at that time.

echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >>  ~/.zshrc


source ~/.zshrc


rbenv global 2.7.2

I tried to put it. When I check it,

ruby 2.7.2p137

The character is!

Dreadfully close and reopen the terminal

ruby -v

When I put it in

ruby 2.7.2p137

The character came out! If you are having trouble with the same phenomenon, please give it a try.

reference: Progate: "Prepare a Ruby development environment!"

I solved it by referring to this code of Progate.

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