Various Ruby string operations


Keep a record of the problems and answers you solved to study Ruby's string manipulation methods.

Question 1

Convert "This" "is" "a" "pen" to "This is a pen".

Answer 1

"This" + " is" + " a" + " pen"


"+" Can concatenate character strings.

Problem 2

Convert "BENZ, BMW, Audi" to ["BENZ", "BMW", "Audi"].

Answer 2

"BENZ, BMW, Audi".split(",")


[] Represents an array. The split method can split a string. If you use it like an answer, you can separate it with a comma.

Problem 3

Convert "apple" to "Apple".

Answer 3



The capitalize method can capitalize the first letter.

Problem 4

Convert "qiita" to "atiiq".

Answer 4



The reverse method can reverse a string.

Problem 5

Convert "Good morning" to "GOOD MORNING".

Answer 5

"Good morning".upcase


The upcase method can convert lowercase letters to uppercase.


Ruby 2.7.0 Reference Manual

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