[RUBY] [rails6.0.0] How to save images using Active Storage in wizard format


Create a form in a wizard format when registering and profile. I wanted to save the image in my profile, but it didn't work, so I wrote it as a memorandum.

What is the wizard format? For those who say Please refer to here


Development environment

MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 Rails 6.0.0 Ruby 2.6.5

Table structure

I'm trying to register as a user using devise. Only nickname is added to the user table. The profile table includes a twitter link. I want to save an image with active_strage in the profile table.

Implemented wizard format

Regarding the implementation of these functions This article is quite close, so I referred to it.


In the wizard format, I was able to save everything except the image, but the image is not saved.


class Users::RegistrationsController < Devise::RegistrationsController

  def create
    @user = User.new(sign_up_params)
    unless @user.valid?
      render :new and return
    session["devise.regist_data"] = {user: @user.attributes}
    session["devise.regist_data"][:user]["password"] = params[:user][:password]
    @profile = @user.build_profile
    render :new_profile

  def create_profile
    @user = User.new(session["devise.regist_data"]["user"])
    @profile = Profile.new(profile_params)
    unless @profile.valid?
      render :new_profile
    sign_in(:user, @user)
    redirect_to root_path


  def profile_params
    params.require(:profile).permit(:avatar, :favorite_beer, :twitter_link, :info)

It seems that the following description in this was bad.



Here, @user and @profile are associated with build and saved together with @ user.save, but it seems that it is not working well due to saving here. Find this article

Cause The timing when the file is actually saved in Active Storage is when the model is saved and the process is committed, so even if you attach an image from the model before it is saved, the file seems to be in an incomplete state.

It seems that Active Strage can not go unless you save the model properly, so I solved it by changing the description as follows.


#Saved in each model
# @user.build_profile(@profile.attributes)
@profile.user_id = @user.id


Honestly, the cause of the error may be that I used it even though I didn't understand how to save using build. I hope you find it helpful.

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