[For beginners] Here are some references related to technology and career.

Overview / History

I heard that my juniors will start my career as an engineer from now on, so I wrote an article with the intention of summarizing the contents and things I have done so far. Also, I thought it was important to think about careers at the same time as training skills, so this time I will focus on both technology (business) and careers. I'm sorry to see from the top, but all the content is very good, and the explanation is polite and easy to understand. It is wonderful to be able to understand without stress even if you do not have much prerequisite knowledge, so I hope you will refer to it. By the way, the content I created is not included in particular, and there is no particular advertising intention, so don't worry. ** * The content is as of July 2020. ** **

Technology / Business

-IT Glossary that makes you feel like you understand even if you don't understand it

Mainly used for the purpose of holding down terms. I can understand the terms with a sense of conviction, with almost no abstract commentary. Especially in the first year or the like when I entered the development site, there are not many technical expectations, so the tasks to be assigned are not heavy, but it is easy to stop because I do not understand the terms that fly around. There is no need to hold down everyday terms such as "DNS" and "table" one by one, but when working in an environment with a high intellectual load, even one proper noun cannot be ridiculous (meaning). If you don't understand it, you will spend time on unnecessary questions and investigations, and you will not be able to proceed and it will cost you). Please use it to get into the habit of checking immediately.

-Easy introduction to Java

When I joined the company, Java was adopted in the in-house training, but I didn't understand the meaning. Especially in "object-oriented", which is said to be difficult to understand, I was stuck without exception, or rather, I was about to stop thinking from the "method" and "class" in the previous stage. ~~ "It's a function. It's like a Taiyaki mold." It wouldn't have been so terrifying if it had been explained while showing the illustration. ~~ This site cleanly solves such questions that arise when you receive an explanation once. Many of the articles were written a long time ago, but the idea is that they can be used in the future without any difference, and in fact, I think it will be much easier to imagine Java. If you use it in parallel while learning with some content ◎. Introduced with the intention that there is such a polite and easy-to-understand site.

-Easy IT industry manuals and strategies (especially Web / application)

Qiita article. When I was a new graduate, I printed all the items and kept them in my bag so that I could see them at any time. Thanks to that, I feel that he has reduced the hesitation about how to go around the site, how to ask questions, and guidelines to consider in the future. Since the amount of information is quite packed, it may be better to check it frequently rather than at a glance. It's okay to read it as a reading material, but I really recommend it because it has condensed essences that seniors and the field do not teach. Especially at the beginning, I feel that it is better to train interpersonal soft skills than hard skills such as programming. How to convey is really important ... ()

It is so-called "competitive programming", and a problem is given and a program is created within a specified time. An online contest that competes for the time required for resolution and the high degree of perfection. There are pros and cons, such as the difficulty level is quite high and it is not directly related to business, but it is stimulating because you can refer to the answers of various people to one problem. It's more practical than looking at the GitHub source indiscriminately.

-[Super important] programming thinking method | Self-study / not learned at school

Below are some video contents. Here, he carefully explains the ideas necessary for writing a program and how to move his hands. I learned basic grammar for the time being, but when I was told to "write", I didn't know what to start with. As a whole, I can't think of a program and write it. Good content that solves this unwritable spiral peculiar to beginners (it was useful information for me so much that I felt it). I don't think there are many places that will teach you this way of thinking with demonstrations, regardless of whether it is paid or free, so please refer to it. Personally, I think it was a valuable video to be taught even if I paid for it.

-Why does the foundation make an important reason! An active engineer explains!

A video explaining the language acquisition process by Mr. Matsun Pattsun. It is said in another video that it has taken a considerable amount of time to acquire skills by himself, and those who do not feel that they have acquired it carefully clearly indicate what to do next. If you are trying to learn a new language, following this process to some extent may speed up your learning. He seems to specialize in the front end (mainly the screen side), but I think it will be very helpful for those who want to specialize in the server side (mainly the internal processing side).

-Essence of programming learned in 25 minutes | Data structure and algorithm # 02

I think that it is information that you know and do not lose regardless of whether it is Web or business. This video (99.9% of the jobs of IT engineers appearing in the video) that I would like to tell myself at the time when I was thinking, "As an engineer, I have to write some innovative code and do my best" That's exactly what it means to be a combination of someone else's work. The boss of the previous company said, "You don't have to remember that much," but I personally know it and it doesn't hurt, and even if the coding standards are decided, my own I think it's good because there are more options depending on whether or not there is room for ingenuity. I decided to introduce it because it will be useful information. Also, I'm saying something quite important in business, so please refer to it.

-Understanding even non-engineers! How Web services and apps work

Video of the channel operated by President Mako, CEO of div Co., Ltd. There are many educational and life hack-like contents, but this video was the most useful for me personally. It is very useful in the sense that you can systematically know how the Web works in a short time. Anyone who only uses Excel, but if there is a possibility of being involved in the Web even 1 mm, it is an essential education, so please hold it down. Speaking of President Mako, this video is also useful in business, so it's a lot easier to know. You don't have to know anything about time saving tech.

-Engineer Channel

This is a YouTube channel. I would highly recommend it to those who have no business experience or who do not know much about the industry. It covers technology, work scenes, and careers in a well-balanced manner, and it's fun to study because it's full of information that can reach the itch like "I wanted to know that." In the early stages of my career, of course, it is helpful to introduce the desk environment like this video (long time at home). I write with my own caution that I should create a comfortable development environment as much as possible when doing the work of ()).

Video learning platform. It's a perfect site for engineers to learn, and each course price is set high, but it's often on sale for 1,500 yen, so you should buy it when it's cheap. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase, so if you think it doesn't fit, you can do a refund. By the way, some free courses are of fairly high quality, so if you're curious, you should actively watch them. Also, not only Japanese but also English courses are very excellent, so please come there as well.

Career edition

―― Introducing the sources of information that engineers should check every day.

A video of Kenta Katsumata, a well-known heavyweight in the neighborhood. Basically, the focus is on disseminating information about carriers, but I have taken up this video that dares to mention the means of collecting information. If you want to keep up with the latest trends in technology, try a technique like the one in this video. Also, in my personal opinion, I don't think it's necessary to follow the latest trends, but I have the impression that not being very sensitive to information is not very cool as an engineer, so I also know this. The stance that there is no loss. By the way, this person's channel touches on a solid specialty, so there are many videos that will be "???" if you watch it without much knowledge. It may be just right to look at it while studying.

-Don't join the SIer company! Former SoftBank employee talks about the actual situation of SIer

A video sent by Mr. Anmasa, who has been working as an engineer since the dawn of smartphone application development. It seems that the person himself is already in a situation where he can earn unearned income only from the profits generated by personal development, but based on such a situation, he has a relatively neutral and realistic view on personal development and freelance activities. It shows me. Personally, I especially like the transmission that I feel is less biased, so I decided to take it up this time.

-Your question may be wrong [Programming study method]

This is a video of Mr. KBOY who is active on YouTube, including the transmission of iOS development. In this video, the points to note when asking a question and the feelings of the person who asked the question are also explained. And I also feel that this is probably the case at most sites, so for reference. Also, on his channel, the story of the time when he was an office worker is interesting, and I think that he can enjoy it as a break because he can see it while wondering if there is such a world (this is a completely personal impression).

-Aim for an engineer first for new graduates who have nothing to do

A video sent by Mr. Junichiro Moro, who is currently working as an IT company personnel. When it comes to information from engineers, there is a tendency to be biased regarding market conditions and career information other than technology, but in this case it is difficult because the latest market trends are also sent from the perspective of human resources. It will be helpful. Regarding the topics covered in this video, there is of course a bias that the author is an engineer, but I personally agree with it. Some people have been criticized for being bitten by influencers, but I think they are generally providing useful information. However, I would like you to refer to it without fail to check the market trends with your own eyes and ears.

-Is the engineer's 35-year-old retirement age really true?

Video sent by Makoto Taniguchi, CEO of Tomosuta GK and CEO of H2O Space Co., Ltd. He gives his view on the "engineer 35-year-old retirement age theory" that has been making noise since the industry flourished. Every sender talks about it once, but I was impressed by the fact that it was explained in an easy-to-understand manner, including the experiences of the person himself, so I decided to introduce it here. He is also a lecturer at Udemy, the video learning platform mentioned earlier, and is famous for being highly evaluated. The author was also very helpful in learning PHP. Answering questions is very polite and quick, so I highly recommend taking his course.

-Miscellaneous thoughts about the future of Web engineers + freelance work ideas

Career commentary for Web engineers by Mr. Ryuji Utsunomiya, who is known for having achieved top results in the industry as a salesperson at a foreign-affiliated IT company. The person himself has development skills such as Objective-C and PHP, and has a background and knowledge familiar with IT and all other industries. It is generally argued that the upstream process such as requirement definition and basic design should be placed rather than the downstream process such as programmers and testers. There are many disagreements with the engineers so far, but in terms of looking at the career with options in the future, such a view should be taken into consideration. Above all, the reliability of the transmission is extremely high because the content is reliable and fact-based and backed by experience. I think. By the way, the useful information for us fledgling engineers in this video is from around 14:33 on the video, so please focus on that.


There are a lot of contents that I would like to introduce, but this time I have summarized the information that I especially referred to (some of which I still refer to now).

Especially for those who will be involved in business from now on, in order to work happily in the future engineer life, I have a view to think about what I am lacking and what I need in the future, both technically and career-wise. I want you to value the size. I feel that this is probably just the difference between being conscious and unconscious, and being early or late in touching such opportunities. Anyway, I feel that it is more meaningful for both the company and you to absorb various things early, think about them, and step up.

I've spelled it out with great commentary and impressions, but I'm in the midst of trying more and more and trying and failing. I think it's okay to have a neighborhood full of energy, where there are engineers who come out and take on challenges. I just hope that this will be conveyed to my juniors as much as possible.

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