9 meilleurs sites pour apprendre Java par auto-apprentissage

image.png When thinking "I want to start programming in earnest", is not Java the first programming language I hear? It is used in a wide range of fields ranging from large-scale systems to Android applications, and has a high degree of attention even from the world viewpoint. The number of recruitment information is also one of the charms of Java.

However, if you learn Java with self-tactics that may be a little difficulty, you can not deny that it seems that you will be frustrated .... For those you are worried about, you put together self-study sites. Please check it!

I summarized the free site as much as possible, but please be aware that there are some charged sites

What is Java? Java is an object-oriented programming language Java is an object-oriented programming language. Object means "things". Object-oriented is a way of expressing things like assembling things, and letting computers work.

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the USA, but with the acquisition in 2010, it is currently one of the products of Oracle Corporation.

Twenty years have passed since the introduction of Java, but it has been used to develop all fields and products so far. From client applications to server side web services, embedded systems and so on. The system that does not run without Java is overflowing all over the world.

Android applications are being developed in Java!

In recent years, development of smartphone Apple has also reached the limelight again. The AndroidOS application released by Google is being developed using Java. If you want to create an application for Android, you better learn Java.

In order to create an Android application, you need to use AndroidSDK in addition to traditional Java writing. There are also a lot of information that explains how to use AndroidSDK, so if you are thinking about developing Android app, please challenge.

A good material to know the programming era In recent years, lightweight programming languages are popular. Compared to such languages, the coding amount of Java is slightly larger, and you need to understand the programming mechanism.

Conversely, Java is a good material to acquire programming Iroha. I would like beginners of programming to learn Java. I often hear such voices.

Learn with comics and videos The hurdle of the mind lowers "introductory Java introductory course with manga"

Feature: Comics and commentary on all 104 stories 832 pages Price: Free

There is "Introductory Java introductory course by manga" in the comic book site "Manga PG". For each subject, manga → commentary and composition that follows (column only thing also ant). The commentary that is written in detail seems to be firmly in the head as much as the hurdles are lowered by manga. It was created from 2013, but it is updated from time to time afterwards.

Besides Java, commentary on programming terms that inexperienced people may be wary of are commentary. You seem to be able to learn happily.

"Dot installation" of 3 minutes movie

Features: 3 minutes of videos that can be seen anytime Price: Some functions are free, Premium members who can use all functions monthly charge 980 yen (tax included)

Familiar with "Master with 3 Minute Movie", it is a programming learning site for beginners. An introductory HTML course and a series of introductory JavaScript are organized, and movie lessons of about one and three minutes are provided free of charge (partly charged). From learning of each language to basic of application development, how to use tools, categories vary.

As for Java, at the moment "Introduction to Java 8" (Free up to the fifth of the 43 times) "Android application development introductory" (10 times in all · free) It is contents which can confirm.

Premium service (980 yen per month · tax included) allows you to use paid content, as well as text and source code. For busy people "Schoo"

FEATURES: Live videos and remark classes by prominent teachers Price: Live broadcasting is free, recording classes are charged. Plan is premium plan monthly amount 980 yen (tax included), premium plus month monthly amount 1,980 yen (tax included) Annual contract also ant Here is a video learning service. Classes of various genres including programming and design have been released for more than 3,000 hours. Open live broadcast lessons that can be received free of charge only by registering members, almost every day. You can see the lesson you missed in the recording (* To see all the recording classes, you need to subscribe to a premium service for a fee).

Since the schedule of live broadcasting is set relatively at night time, is not it easy for people with work to see it?

As for Java

Introduction to Java (with multiple contents with the same name) Knowing programming language Java deeply - Java festival -

There are several recording classes such as. Learn by text Easy explanation "JavaDrive"

Features: Commentary on layout and composition for beginners, easy to see Price: Free

JavaDrive which is "easy to understand for beginners" learning site. One of the contents in the site "Introduction to Java" is described for beginners for Java. Explanation of terms from program creation procedures to explanation of terms and sample code that can be actually tried is carefully explained, covering a sufficient range as an introductory section.

There are also contents at the next stage after finishing the introduction such as "Getting started with Android", "Getting started with Eclipse", "How to use Java regular expression".

In the series article to learn the habit of "engineer entrance"

Features: commentary for beginners, exercises available, updating Price: Free

Contents related to introductory knowledge of Java are all present, and new arrival articles of various themes are still being released now.

Why do not you try habits of learning by reading new articles every day.

Firmly polite "introductory introductory beginner Java"

Features: polite with illustrations, commentary for beginners Price: Free

Beginning with interestingness of Java programming, it is a site where you can learn about environment setting and basic knowledge by illustration. Not only technical explanations but also sometimes column-like sentences are sandwiched between them, so it may be easier to read with interest.

The Java version being used at this site is Java 6, the difficulty is that the image is also old, but the big point is that each procedure is carefully explained one by one.

Solving problems and learning Crispy filling "CODEPREP"

Features: Solving problems of hole filling drill form while reading online teaching materials Price: Free A site that allows you to learn while practicing writing programming intuitively by doing online teaching materials (books) that are provided free of charge. About Java First Java Understand Java's Map Others are on the road. I do not need to build an environment, it starts with solving a simple fill-in-the-blank problem, so it goes crisp. The time required is 10 minutes to 30 minutes per book, which is a time setting that will not get tired.

Problems that can not be solved by oneself can be asked by "Discussion Board" installed on each board. Progress status is clearly expressed, and it seems that you will acquire the habit of continuing learning.

Slide and exercise "Progate"

Features: Learning with slide-type teaching materials, answer to exercises Price: Partially free, plus a paid member to view all lessons ¥ 980 per month (tax included) required This is learning by slide. After explanation by slide, it is a flow of exercises. If you can correctly answer the exercises, the "Level" of the students will be up and the motivation for learning will be enhanced.

Java takes 7 lessons (32 hours worth). For free members only basic lessons are available, and if you become a paid member you will be able to receive all lessons.

Lesson and execution environment "paiza learning"

Features: Content that can run programs on the browser, and learning videos. There is also job hunting support Price: Basic free, charged plan is 1 month 880 yen (tax included) and others

In the paiza change job site for IT / Web engineers, there is a learning content called "paiza learning".

Regarding Java, 4 lessons of learning content are released free of charge, trying out actual code while watching about 3 minutes of study videos.

In addition, "paiza.IO" in the site can execute various programming languages ​​on the browser without constructing the execution environment. Of course Java is also OK.

Recommended books for self-study

There is nothing you can not do to learn only on the site, but if you have one basic book, you may lose your confusion.

Refreshing Java Introductory Second Edition

Author: Kaoru Nakayama, Daigo Kunimoto Publishing: Impress Books Price: ¥ 2,600 + tax

Impress Books Books page

A book that has a composition to master "Why?" In Java programming and an abundant illustration of about 300 points, "fun, details, refreshing". Regarding the "preparation of the development environment" which tends to be a bottle of programming learning in particular and "correspondence to frequent errors", this book's unique benefit. A virtual development environment "dokojava" that can code, compile, and execute on the browser is prepared, and "error bibliograph" of the appendix at the end of the book is prepared for error correspondence.

On Amazon.co.jp it is often best selling first place. For those who want to step up further, there is also a related book titled "Practice for Easy Java Introduction".

Easy Java version 6

Author: Masaki Takahashi Publication: SB Creative Price: 2580 yen + tax

SB creative's book introduction page

Best selling version 6 of Java introductory book. It corresponds to Java 8. Explain every one of the fundamentals of Java programming carefully. From basic grammar to classes and object oriented, it is a book that you can read well without difficulty with a structure that you can understand firmly.

The author, Mr. Makoto Takahashi, who was able to handle many "easy-to-understand" series. There is also "Easy Java Utilization Version 5th Edition" covering basic knowledge essential for practical programming, so how about as a book to read next?

New · Clear Introduction to Java

Author: Nobuhiro Shibata Publication: SB Creative Price: 2700 yen + tax

SB creative's book introduction page

It is a revised edition of the long-selling 18th edition "Clear Java Introductory Edition" published in August 2007. We interweave a lot of charts and sample programs and explain everything from the foundation of Java to the essence of object-oriented programming.

People who experienced other programming languages, those who understand the terminology of programming seem to be easier to read. Perfect programming beginners may be slightly more difficult. However, it is a book with many voices of good books.


Have you found any sites or books that might suit you? Although self-study seems time consuming, Java is the only major language, there are many solutions on the web. Even if it takes time to learn now, the process will later become a great asset later. Those who are hesitant, please try challenging!

CodeCamp has a Java master course available. You can also have a free trial, so please try it when you suffer self-study.

" There is also a campaign that limits students to free trials up to 1/30 and paid courses will be off by 10,000 yen!

If you are 10,000 yen now, the entrance fee is free, so 20,000 profitable. Why do not you look at programming learning for the first time on this occasion? "

Click here to get Java Tutorials.

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