[Java] How to remotely debug a javaFX program executed on Windows 10 from Razpi ~From environment construction to debug execution ①~

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Build a cross development environment using Eclipse on Windows 10

1. Download the version you like from the following sites and extract it in an appropriate folder. Avoid putting it in a too deep folder and the folder name that contains Japanese https://mergedoc.osdn.jp/ image.png 2. Eclipse 4.8 Photon is used here. Too new version is not compatible with old plugins image.png 3. Select Windows 64bit FullEdition java image.png Four. Click the link to download Download speed curses… image.png Five. Extract to an appropriate folder and start (Extracted folder)\pleiades-4.8\pleiades\eclipse\eclipse.exe

  1. When starting up, you will be asked where to save the project. image.png

  2. Screen immediately after startup image.png

  3. Select “File”-“New”-“Other”-“JavaFX Project” image.png

  4. Enter HelloRemote for the project name and click Next image.png
  5. Just click “Next” image.png
  6. Change language to “FXML” Select and place Anchor Pane as the route type Click “Finish” image.png
  1. Download https://gluonhq.com/products/scene-builder/ image.png


Platform is Windows Installer Press the download button and wait a while to download. SceneBuilder-11.0.0.msi Install…

  1. Connect Eclipse and Scene Builder Open “Window”-“Settings”-“javaFX” Select and apply ScnenBuilder executable image.png

  2. Right-click Sample.fxml from Package Explorer of Eclipse and execute Open with Scene Builder. image.png

  3. Scene Builder opens image.png

5.Select Document-Hierarchy-AnchorPane and change MinWidth and MinHeight to 640 and 480 image.png

  1. Drag and drop Button from Controls panel image.png

7.Select Button object, enter fx:id of Code testBT, onAction onTestBT image.png

  1. Place Label in the same way fx:id is set to testLB image.png

  2. Save for the time being image.png

10.View-Select ViewSampleControlSkelton image.png

  1. Check Full in the bottom right and click “Copy” Copy to clipboard image.png

  2. Return to Eclipse and double-click SampleController.java in the Package Explorer image.png
  3. Erase everything and paste the contents of the clipboard image.png

  4. Right-click Main.java in Package Explorer and execute in Java application image.png
  5. Select preferred launcher image.png
  6. Save image.png
  7. It runs but nothing is displayed image.png
  8. Close the program and run project clean If you do not do this, just saving with Scene Builder will not be reflected in the project side image.png
  9. Run againimage.png

Program changes

  1. Open SampleController.java of Package Explorer and modify @FXML void onTestBT(ActionEvent event) { Platform.runLater(() ->testLB.setText(“HelloFX”)); } image.png

  2. Execution There is no problem if you press the Button and the label changes to HelloFX image.png

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Explain how to put this program in Raspberry Pi and execute it

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