I passed Ruby Silver (June 2020), so I will summarize it.


--Non-IT engineer --Ruby is studied at a programming school --IT passport is the only IT qualification

I went to a programming school to become an IT engineer and studied Ruby and Rails for about two and a half months, so I'm a beginner, but I'm not self-taught.

Teaching materials for exam preparation

-[Revised 2nd edition] Ruby engineer certification exam pass textbook (Silver / Gold compatible) -Ruby is miniature / Ruby Engineer Certification Exam (Silver) Preparation Questions -Ruby Engineer Certification Exam Questions and Answers

In Ruby 2.1 or lower, an error will occur, and in 2.2 or higher, a code that does not cause an error will appear, so it may be better to use Wandbox, which allows you to easily switch versions.

How to study

Since I was studying Ruby at school, I had some basic knowledge. Therefore, after reading "Ruby is a miniature / introductory course" and "Ruby engineer certification exam passing textbook (hereinafter, textbook)" once to spread the basic knowledge, I started the exercises.

I felt the level and explanation of the exercises as follows.

--Gentle / polite --Textbook exercises --Ruby is a miniature --Ruby Engineer Certification Exam Questions and Answers --Usually --Mock exam PDF (for Silver exam)

I felt that the commentary was polite, so it was easy to understand what I made a mistake.

Usually, the commentary was shorter than the easy one, so I had to reread the textbook and type the chords more often.

Difficultly, I did 5 times and failed the 1st and 2nd times, and passed the 3rd and 5th times. It seems that Gold's problem is also included, so I felt it was difficult, but I think that there is no loss in doing it to deepen the understanding.

Review and reflection of study

It was great that I was able to absorb knowledge other than school learning, such as how to write code and types of methods, so I thought that it was an ant to acquire Silver as a goal for Ruby beginners. However, I think it was not good for me to study with the intention of aiming for 100 points. It seems that there are many contents that are not used in practice, so I understood that it would be useful to know when creating an app, and I thought that it was not necessary to dig deeper if it was unlikely to be used.

About Ruby Silver

―― "Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver version 2.1" seems to be the official name. ――After the end, you will be graded immediately and the word "pass" will appear on the spot, so you can immediately write it as an acquisition qualification on your resume. -If you read here, Ruby Silver has the same level of feeling as an IT passport, so it may be weak if you think of it as a qualification. ――The knowledge of Ruby has expanded and deepened, but the Ruby engineer says that there is little content to use in practice.

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