[Ruby] I tried text extraction (OCR) with Ruby using Vision API (trained machine learning model)

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What is Vision API?

The Google Cloud Vision API provides powerful pre-trained machine learning models via REST and RPC APIs. By assigning labels to images, you can quickly group images into millions of pre-defined categories. It detects objects and faces, reads printed text and handwriting, and creates useful metadata in image catalogs. (Quoted from official document)

Image for analysis

Assign Navi Top Pagecaptureimage(PNGformat)

|anavi.png| |:–|

result of analysis

$ bundle exec rake cloud_vision:text['app/assets/images/anavi.png']
assign navi
New way of working
Find a project/personnel
User Guide
About service
Member registration
Meeting IT projects and external human resources
Efficiency with technology

You can extract text with quite high accuracy (^^)

Code created this time


## How to call
## $ bundle exec rake cloud_vision:text[image_file] # image_file is'path to image file here'

# Load Google Cloud client library
require "google/cloud/vision"

namespace :cloud_vision do
  desc'Run OCR.'
  task :text, [:image_file] do |task, args|
    return unless args[:image_file]

# Instantiate client
    image_annotator = Google::Cloud::Vision.image_annotator

# Run OCR
    response = image_annotator.text_detection(
      image: args[:image_file],
      max_results: 1 # optional, defaults to 10

# Display OCR result
    response.responses.each do |res|
      res.text_annotations.each do |text|
        puts text.description

Environment variables are described in dotenv

#.env file
GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT="Enter your project ID here"
GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="Enter the path to the authentication key json file to access the Vision API"

Setup procedure

The setup procedure will be added soon.


Using the Vision API with Ruby

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