[Java] Install the plugin in Eclipse

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Let’s add a plugin this time. I would be grateful if you could point out anything.

What is a plug-in?

Obviously I see the word “plugin”, but from a super beginner’s point, it’s “No, I don’t know what plug-in installation is” (I am). A plugin is an extension software that allows you to do more things. The title means to add the function function that makes Eclipse more usable and various.


Let’s actually install the plugin. This time

・Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools ・Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools ・Eclipse Web Developer Tools ・JST Server Adapters ・JST Server Adapters Extensions


  1. Enter from [help] => [Install New Software].
  2. If you change to –All vailable Sites –, and type Eclipse Java EE, it will look like the image, so make sure that it is checked [next]image.png
  3. You can press [next] without touching anything. After confirming the license, select I accept [finish]
  4. Wait a while for installation, restart Eclipse, and you’re done.

Installation is complete with steps 1-4.

It’s okay to freeze suddenly during this work, but it’s okay, but let’s wait without hassle. I too at first! ? I have become a lot different.

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