[Java] Java SE8 Gold Countermeasures (for those who are not good enough)

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I am a second year new graduate who is using Java SE 6 or J2EE based frameworks in my work. Since I passed the Java SE8 Gold (Java SE 8 Programmer II), I will summarize my own countermeasures so that those who are not well-versed or unfamiliar with qualification measures can refer to it.

Materials Black book “Thorough capture Java SE 8 Gold problem collection [1Z0-809] correspondence” Official documentation Articles on the net (mainly qiita)

Learning start date Around late March (starting from May)

Pass date June 6

** Legitimate rate ** 85%

Learning time I feel like I spent about 100 hours.


*I am using an iPad or smartphone ① Solve the problem Scrap, burn and save Kindle problem pages on iPad. Open the Kindle commentary page, open the window of the question page with a small window on it, and answer. Squash the part you want to read back and save it in the cloud.

② Understand Even if you read the explanation of the problem, you can look up things you do not understand on the Internet, try it out, or read the explanation for a while.

③ Write the code Copy the code and move it around. Rewrite it little by little and move it. Play with features that may be of interest to you personally. I played by cutting and pasting (cutting up) my favorite sentences with the text reading and writing function. (Quite fun)

④ Memorize ・Look at the commentary page where you saved your screenshot when you can use your smartphone. ・Register what you want to remember in a typing game and type. (This time I’m a language qualifier, so I thought it would be better to write code.)

  • Summarize what you want to memorize in a simple sentence and listen to it with a smartphone voice reading application.

What I like about taking the test personally

*We are approaching a positive conclusion.

  • I was able to sort out some of the knowledge to read and write Java 8-like code. (Stream, generics expression, lambda expression, functional interface, etc.) ・It became easier to understand the on-site system. (Multi-thread, design pattern, etc.)
  • Knowledge about string operations (mainly Stream) and file reading and writing (java.io, java.nio) has increased. ・Knowledge of functions used for system development in Java such as JDBC was completed. ・The vocabulary common to programming increased in the process of taking measures. ・I was able to practice studying with my iPad and smartphone. ・In-house, the evaluation was slightly improved. (It seems that it will be easier to enter a good site, but details are unknown)

What I didn’t like taking the test personally

・Time was consumed (I don’t think it was a waste) ・As the measures became longer, I wanted to practice and my interests decreased

For those who are considering taking the exam

Java SE11 Gold may now be better than Java SE8 Gold if: ・No instructions from the company ・Get from Silver

The reason I took the Java SE 8 exam instead of Java SE 11 this time is · That the company was advised to take Java SE 8 ・Have a Java SE8 Silver ・There was little information on the Java SE 11 test is.

Upgrade from Java SE8 Gold to Java SE11 Gold at your fingertips.

About the test day

Be sure to remember your identity verification documents at the exam venue! (important) If you forget it, you will not be able to take the test and the test time will be reduced or the test fee will be wasted. (I was the latter) Before you leave home, make sure you have your identity documents! (White eyes)

Especially for those who have recently become unable to carry around their wallets**.

P.S. Now I need to wear a mask to take the test. **Be sure to read the precautions carefully. ** It is also recommended that you arrive at the venue as early as one round trip and head to the reception desk so that you can recover in the event of a defect.

(Be careful)

Thank you for reading.