Java SE8 Gold measures (for those who are not good at it)


A person who is using Java SE 6 or J2EE based framework in business in the second year of new graduate. Since I passed Java SE8 Gold (Java SE 8 Programmer II), I will summarize my own countermeasures so that those who are not good at the procedure like me or who are unfamiliar with qualification measures can refer to it.

** Teaching materials used ** Black book "Thorough capture Java SE 8 Gold problem collection [1Z0-809] correspondence" Official documentation Net articles (mainly qiita)

** Learning start date ** Around the end of March (full-scale from May)

** Pass date ** June 6

** Legitimacy rate ** 85%

** Study time ** I think it took about 100 hours.


② Understand You can search the internet for things that you don't understand even if you read the explanation of the problem, try to actually move it, or read the explanation after a while.

③ Write code Copy the code and move it. Rewrite it little by little and try to move it. Play with features that you may be personally interested in. I used the text read / write function to cut and paste (cut up) my favorite sentences and play. (Quite fun)

④ Memorize ・ See the commentary page where you saved the screenshot when you can use your smartphone. ・ Register what you want to remember in the typing game and type. (This time it's a language qualification, so I felt it was better to write the code) ・ Summarize what you want to memorize in a simple sentence and listen to it with the voice reading app on your smartphone.

I'm glad I took the exam personally

What I didn't like to take the exam personally

・ Consumed time (I don't think it was a waste) ・ As the countermeasures became longer, I wanted to practice and became less interesting.

For those who are thinking of taking the exam

Java SE11 Gold may be better than Java SE8 Gold now if: ・ There is no particular instruction from the company ・ Obtain from Silver

The reason I took the Java SE 8 exam instead of Java SE 11 this time is · The company advised me to take Java SE 8 ・ I had a silver of java SE8 ・ There was little information in the Java SE 11 exam. is.

The upgrade from Java SE8 Gold to Java SE11 Gold is a matter of time.

About the day of the test

Don't forget your ** identity verification documents ** at the test site! (important) If you forget it, you will not be able to take the test, which will reduce the test time or waste the test fee. (I was the latter) Make sure you have ** Identity Verification Documents ** before you leave home! (White eyes)

Especially ** people who have recently stopped carrying their wallets ** should be careful.

P.S. Now it is necessary to wear a mask to take the exam. ** Do not skip the notes and read carefully. ** ** Also, if you arrive at the venue early for one round trip and head to the reception, it is recommended that you can recover if there is a defect.

(With self-discipline)

Thank you for reading.

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