[Ruby] Making Draw Poker with ruby-Preparation-

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@paraizo2424 Implementing poker little by little with Ruby Part 1

When I saw this, I thought that it would be a good challenge, and I commented. Is it technical enough to give advice? Isn’t it still the side to get advice?

Then, how do you design and implement it? While rearranging I thought I’d make it by staring at myself

I use ruby at work. What was ruby when I first joined the company? Because it was a level I only knew about the name I would like to look back with that meaning

First, organize poker rules

Reference: https://playingcards.jp/game_rules/drawpoker_rules.html

Used card

  • 1~13 in all suits + Joker? -This time I will go without joker -Maybe I will add it?


  • 2..7 people


  1. Distribute 5 cards from each deck to each player -Each player does not show 5 cards around
  2. You can exchange your favorite number of cards once for each player order.
  3. Show each player’s hand and win or lose depending on the hand combination (role) -Originally, there is a bet (payment) here, and it becomes a game to get this. -This time I will not bet for the time being


  • It becomes a strong role in order from the following -Royal straight flush -Align 10, J, Q, K, A of the same mark -Straight flash -Five numbers are consecutive with the same mark -Four card -There are 4 cards with the same number
    • Full house -Three cards and one pair can be made one by one -Flash -There are 5 cards with the same mark
    • straight -5 numbers are consecutive regardless of the mark -(10-J-Q-K-A is straight, but Q-K-A-2-3 is not straight -That is, K and A are continuous, but those containing K-A-2 are not straight) -Three card -There are 3 cards with the same number -Two pair -There are two cards with the same number -One pair -Only one card with the same number
  • If two players make the same hand, the card with the strongest part of the hand wins -Strong ranking of cards is A, K, Q, J, 10~2 -The strong ranking of suits is Spade Heart Diamond Clover
  • If the cards that make up the part are the same, the card that is not used for the part is stronger


  • Will you throw away the discarded card? -It seems that it will not be published
  • How do you compare full houses? -For full houses, the rank of a set of 3 cards
  • How do you compare straights? -Compare with the strongest card
  • Straight trick -> Note: Only Aces can be used as the top or bottom card. The strongest straight is A-K-Q-J-T (ace high) and the weakest straight is 5-4-3-2-A (five high).


  • https://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q11159415671
  • https://www.pokerstars.com/ja/poker/games/rules/hand-rankings/?no_redirect=1

Determining the implementation range this time

  • Since there are no bets, it is not a continuous game but one game
  • Since it is troublesome to create a screen etc. and for the purpose of ruby class design/implementation, it is executed on the console
  • I think that it is difficult for the first 5 cards to compete if all players do not exchange, so all players should be controlled by the performer (meaning w)

Implementation environment decision

  • Use ruby 2.6.5
  • use test-unit -I usually use only rspec at work, so I will touch it so I will touch it

Organization of characters

I don’t know how to express it properly, but try to separate it from the meaning of things and things that are not things (= concept)


  • Card
  • player


  • Deck -All cards
  • Hand -Each player’s hand dealt from the deck (5)
  • Role -Combination in hand -Have the following -Role type -Strength in the role



I’m going to make it from now on, so I just created it empty. from here. Looking forward.


Try making draw poker with ruby ~test-unit preparation~