[Ruby] [Memorandum] Update to production environment [heroku]

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Takashi is nervous every time he updates to the production environment. This time I updated to the first production environment on heroku. It was my first time, so I was frustrated with an error as expected, but the cause was very easy. ..

This time, I will post it as an article so that others can encounter this error and fix it immediately so that I can not forget the solution.

Error screen


At present, I am saying that it is not an environment that can be pushed.


Deploying on heroku is linked with git, so if there are changes, let’s execute the following command so that the changes can be reflected.

$ git add
$ git commit -m "Update application"
$ git push heroku master

# Execute the following command when changing migration etc.
$ Heroku run rails db:migrate

At the end

As mentioned above, it was a very simple story. Every time there is a strange tension in the production environment.

The procedure is very easy, but if you have someone who stumbles, please refer to it.