[Java] [My memo] About Spring framework

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This is my first year as a working adult who has just studied Java. I use the spring framework in my work, so I have summarized it as a memo.

We are looking for advice on Java.

What is Spring Framework

A very useful framework for developing web systems in Java (I wonder if it’s too easy to say lol).

There are many springs such as springMVC, springsecurity…etc.

Structure (process flow)

It’s a clumsy figure, but lol


Client side

  1. HTML file or JSP file

Server side (2 to 6 are Java files) 2.controller Screen processing, etc.

3.service ㆍProcessing that uses values acquired from the DB, etc.

4.form Location to retain the value input in 1

5.entity or domain Location to retain the value obtained from DB

6.mapper Connect to DB

7.xml file Describe SQL