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[Java] Java add textbox to PowerPoint slide

1 minute read

A text box refers to a movable or resizable text or graphic container. In PowerPoint, whenever you need to add new content, you often need to insert a new t...

[Java] FizzBuzz problem

less than 1 minute read

I tried solving the FizzBuzz problem! I feel like it will be more refreshing, but I will try to solve it again.

[Ruby] [ruby] Drill output

less than 1 minute read

Content Implementation Comment First, in the third line, retrieve the value [“apple”, [200, 250, 220]] from fruits_price and assign it to the variable fru...

[Ruby] [Rails] Search books with Amazon PA API

3 minute read

It’s a little troubled with Amazon’s book search API, so take a note. I couldn’t find any other Japanese article, so I hope you find it useful. Introduction...

[Java] [Memorandum] Java: String search

4 minute read

Introduction I think I often use trim and contains. String search 1, contains Search whether a specific character string is included in the character string...

[Java] Singleton pattern

1 minute read

Singleton pattern A pattern that guarantees that only one instance exists.

[Java] I tried using Galasa

32 minute read

Introduction Galasa,atestingframeworkforhybridcloudapplicationsbasedonz/OS,isprovidedasanopensourceproject.Thisisonlyashorttimeafteritwasprovided(V0.3.0rele...

[Ruby] I got an error! *No interactive request template

1 minute read

While trying to learn the application implementation using Ruby on Rails, when I try to display the target page, the following screen is displayed: :sweat...

[Java] Hit Salesforce REST API from Java

2 minute read

Introduction This article is a memorandum of source code that hits REST API of Salesforce from Java. Since many parts such as property files are omitted, wr...

[Ruby] [Ruby]each nesting

less than 1 minute read

Overview I will summarize how to use each method in nesting for learning. *We do not touch on what each method is.

[Ruby] [Ruby] Project Euler Question 8

5 minute read

Problem Of the next 1000 digits, the maximum value among the powers of 4 adjacent digits is 9 × 9 × 8 × 9 = 5832.