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[Java] Realized two-step authentication JAVA (TOTP)

5 minute read

1.First of all I want to realize two-step authentication of login by strengthening security measures by exposing a certain in-house system to the outside. A...

[Ruby] Rails render redirect_to

1 minute read

Introduction This time about the difference between render and redirect_to which are often used in Rails.

[Java] Let’s move to make Java more comfortable

2 minute read

This is an article to tell you that it was very nice to move from Java to Kotlin. Java drawbacks I was programming in Java a while back. But Java has its dr...

[Ruby] How can I efficiently fill the array?

less than 1 minute read

I will post it somehow. I was writing a program in ruby, but I realized that I still have a poor understanding of sequences. For example this

[Java] Check the H2 database on the Web

less than 1 minute read

Check H2 database on Web I often use the H2 database when doing private projects, I will write a method to check the H2 database on the Web.

[Ruby] About Ruby and object model

2 minute read

I learned about the basic language specifications of Ruby such as objects, classes and methods again in the Metapro book, so I wrote it down as a memorandum

[Ruby] [Test code learning/output]

1 minute read

▼This curriculum describes the test code of the application created in the curriculum of the previous chapter.

[Ruby] Understand migration in rails

2 minute read

Introduction While studying Ruby on Rails, I lost track of various words and concepts regarding data manipulation, so I will organize it as a memorandum.

[Ruby] Ruby: How to use cookies

less than 1 minute read

I did the same thing with PHP. How to use jquery-cookie Perl: How to use cookies PHP: How to use cookies Python3: How to use cookies

[Java] Portfolio (Toretomo) Commentary

3 minute read

App overview It is an application that allows you to search for your ideal gym from the area you live in (currently only the wards in Osaka city) or categor...