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[Ruby] I made an API client for Nature Remo

1 minute read

Introduction I recently started using Nature Remo and found it useful, so I made a gem called nature_remo_api of Nature Remo’s API Client. This is my first ...

[Ruby] Commands often used on heroku

3 minute read

heroku is a tool that allows you to deploy apps to production environments for free. It’s fairly easy to deploy, so it may be overwhelming after you’ve expe...

[Ruby] [Ruby on Rails] 1 model CRUD (Routing main)

11 minute read

The reason for writing this article Recently I started answering questions with tetatail to deepen my understanding of rails. Looking at the question, some ...

[Ruby] What is Ruby 2D array?

2 minute read

What is a two-dimensional array? A two-dimensional array is an array that has an array as an element.

[Java] What is Java Encapsulation?

6 minute read

What is encapsulation? A function that restricts access to the fields and methods of a class. It has a role to prevent fields and methods from being used fo...

[Ruby] Intermediate table is saved by assign_attributes

2 minute read

-When you want to save the value after receiving the value from the input form, validating it, etc., once you use assign_attributes to update the variables ...

[Java] How to output Java string to console screen

less than 1 minute read

Command to display a character string on the console screen There are two types of instructions to display a character string on the console screen in Java.