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[Java] How to check if the content of fixed length string

less than 1 minute read

String sti = ""; // trim space // As a result, is it blank if(sti.trim().isEmpty()) { System.out.println("blank"); }else { System.out.println("notBlank"); }

[Ruby] Extract character from Ruby string slice method

3 minute read

What is the # slice method? The slice method is a method that extracts the character of the condition specified by the argument from the character string.

[Ruby] [ruby] Drill output

less than 1 minute read

Content Question 1 Let’s create a function to enter a name. If there are periods (.) or spaces other than the name, an error will be displayed.

[Java] Template Method pattern

1 minute read

rough template method A design pattern that defines the processing framework in the superclass and the specific contents in the subclass is called Template ...

[Ruby] Ruby/rexml: Rotate each with same name element

1 minute read

What you wanted to do From xml file provided by JMA with Ruby rexml I’m trying to get the warning information and make some judgment according to the situat...

[Java] Java Combining search types that you often search

less than 1 minute read

Summary of type conversions I often search for Type conversion between numeric types int type → double type int num = 3; double number = (double)num; doubl...