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[Java] Eclipse refactoring summary

14 minute read

Eclipse has various refactoring functions, but honestly, many of them do not know what happens when they are executed, so I summarized them.

[Java] Assign evaluation result to Java variable

less than 1 minute read

The code that assigns the evaluation result to a variable was hard to understand, so I put it all together to keep my head organized.

[Ruby] About regular expressions in Ruby

3 minute read

Regular expressions in Ruby Regarding the regular expressions I learned in the curriculum the other day, I was in a state where “a lot of ciphers were writt...

[Java] [spring] Let’s use Spring Data JPA

1 minute read

I had some experience with java, When I look at the source code that includes the framework (^o^)/<”What this” was, and I often stopped, so I wrote about it.

[Java] [Java]Spring Boot + Doma2 + H2

less than 1 minute read


[Ruby] What is self

less than 1 minute read

What is #self The object itself. Inside the method, the instance to which the method belongs can be referenced by a pseudo variable named self. This in othe...

[Java] Perform paiza skill check

less than 1 minute read

I decided to use paiza, which is frequently used personally because of the large number of problems in implementing Java programming problems. paiza has ski...

[Ruby] mysql2 not installed with bundle install

less than 1 minute read

Introduction I get an error every time in my local environment so make a note of the solution *I don’t know the exact cause yet, but this is the content tha...

[Java] Moving CICS-Java applications-(5) using JCICSX

15 minute read

Introduction CICS Transaction Server provides a class library called JCICS to use CICS functions from Java. This is the Java version of the so-called EXEC C...

[Ruby] Knowledge required to give Rails app to AWS

2 minute read

Introduction This is a summary of the minimum knowledge necessary for an author who has no programming experience to submit a Rails application to AWS.

[Ruby] Hash

less than 1 minute read

How to take out the #key ```ruby h = {“apple” => “red”}

[Java] Finding out about Java learning

1 minute read

Work experience in Java is less than 1 year. Having a good experience with other languages makes me feel like learning another language or trying the if sta...