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[Ruby] About Ruby exception handling

5 minute read

What is exception handling? By performing exception processing, you can identify the cause of the error, the location of the error, and perform appropriate ...

[Ruby] [Rails] I fully understood form_with

1 minute read

Content of this article Different use of form_with method Handling of strong parameters accordingly How to make form contents HTTP communication

[Java] [My memo] About Spring framework

less than 1 minute read

Self-introduction This is my first year as a working adult who has just studied Java. I use the spring framework in my work, so I have summarized it as a me...

[Java] [Java] split method

less than 1 minute read

The split method is By dividing the delimiter string defined by String, Divide into an array of strings. (Split the string at the position that matches the ...

[Ruby] Use Ruby with Google Colab

3 minute read

I tried running Ruby on Google Colab was not working as it is as of July 2020, so I tried trial and error using Julia’s example. I will introduce it because...

[Java] Use jetty with Maven to check the operation.

less than 1 minute read

Introduction When using eclipse to check the operation of a dynamic file, it only works on that terminal. So, check the operation using jetty. And personall...

[Ruby] syntax error [each do end error]

less than 1 minute read

Say “syntax error”, Iterative processing of Ruby If something is missing I get an error!