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[Ruby] About object-oriented inheritance and yield Ruby

4 minute read

About inheritance It seems that there is an object-oriented ability to inherit. You can use it without writing the contents of the class definition, or you ...

[Ruby] [ruby] Double hash

less than 1 minute read

Content Code in Ruby so that only the names of all users are output from the double hash! However, the output result is as follows.

[Ruby] [rails] How to create partial template

1 minute read

What is a partial template? A “partial template” is a View file that can be shared by multiple pages. By collecting the code that is duplicated in multiple ...

[Java] [Java] Create a Minecraft Mod 1.14.4 [Introduction]

7 minute read

TL;DR ・I want to create something that has a “moving” feeling ・Let’s try the popular game Minecraft MOD creation! ・It’s ideal because it’s surprisingly easy...

[Java] [Algorithm] Budget

1 minute read

Problem description In order to support the goods needed by each department, Company A examined how much each department needed to buy goods. However, we ca...

[Ruby] Set [rails] validation

less than 1 minute read

What is validation It is a function to check whether the corresponding column contains data when receiving the parameter.

[Java] Java adds hyperlink to Word document

1 minute read

Typically, when editing a Word document, inserting hyperlinks to specific text or images will allow users to quickly jump to other target locations or web p...

[Ruby] Error handling with Graphql-ruby

2 minute read

Introduction Recently, I have implemented an API with graphql-ruby. So I sought best practices for error handling in graphql. I have just started, so there ...

[Java] Display hello world with spring + gradle

3 minute read

In Construct Java environment and output helloworld, I wrote helloworld to the console. This time, let’s go a little further and display HTML in the spring ...