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[Java] Coordinating API with Spring+Vue.js

4 minute read

Introduction This time, create RestAPI with Spring framework, The goal is to display the data with Vue.js. (The initial environment setup such as Java insta...

[Java] [Java] Get List/Map elements with Iterator

3 minute read

table of contents at first What is Iterator List Iterator Map Iterator From generic expression to extended for statement Summary in conclusio...

[Java] [Algorithm] Addition of digits

less than 1 minute read

Problem description Create a solution method that receives a natural number N, adds each digit of N, and returns. **Example) When N=123, 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 is re...

[Ruby] Writing class inheritance in Ruby

1 minute read

I will write the method of inheriting and using the method defined in the parent class in other new classes.

[Ruby] Post videos with rails

1 minute read

This time I will post for the first time. Please understand that it may be difficult to see.

[Java] Getting started with Android!

10 minute read

Introduction Hello, end of school this week full, spend the summer vacation with no contents from next week is my. This time, I would like to try HTTP commu...

[Ruby] About conditional branching of rails development

2 minute read

rails Development of conditional branch I have summarized a good description that it is web application development with rails! I want to be able to edit/de...

[Ruby] [Today’s stack #1] Until on rails on cloud9

1 minute read

result This article (Https:// Based on, I moved the rails server on cloud9 and completed until I saw the screen of “Yay!...

[Ruby] Writing keys and values in Ruby

less than 1 minute read

Based on the 3 types of reference, the types of key and value are summarized below.

[Ruby] Ruby Hash memo

less than 1 minute read

Reference This is a memo for yourself when you do not know the hash of ruby. If you make a mistake, please comment. Environment ruby 2.7.1 Definition Can be...

[Ruby] Ruby exception handling

less than 1 minute read

background It was necessary to use it properly depending on the situation when drawing the exception handling of Ruby, so I summarized it as a memorandum. ...

[Ruby] How to configure routing with [rails]resources

less than 1 minute read

Set routing with #resources The routing can also be set individually. However, since the seven basic actions in rails are often used during development, Set...