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[Ruby] [rails]Strong Parametersとは?

less than 1 minute read

What is #Strong Parameters Strong Parameters is a mechanism for improving the security added from Rails 4 series. A security measure that prevents the execu...

[Ruby] [rails]devise cannot be registered/logged in

less than 1 minute read

Cannot register/login with #devise After creating user registration and login screen with devise, This method is for when you want to register/login with in...

[Ruby] [Rails] Prepare dummy data for testing [Faker]

1 minute read

Introduction When testing with RSpec etc., we may prepare data in advance with FactoryBot etc., but at that time, I will write about how to use Faker which ...

[Ruby] [rails] devise view page edit is not reflected

less than 1 minute read

Edit of view page created with #deivse is not reflected After editing the default login page with devise and checking the screen, I’ve encountered a problem...

[Java] [Algorithm] N numbers with intervals of X

less than 1 minute read

Problem description The method solution takes a parameter of integer x and a natural number n and returns a list with n numbers starting from x and incremen...

[Java] [Algorithm] Descending order of character strings

less than 1 minute read

Problem description Create a method solution that receives the parameter of the character string s, sorts in descending order and returns a new character st...

[Ruby] List of actions defined in [rails]Controller

less than 1 minute read

List of actions defined in #Controller Rails uses actions that have the following seven roles that are the basis of web applications.

[Java] JavaFX dropbox update delay issue

1 minute read

Overview JavaFX ChoiceBox instance (I expect the same for ComboBox) Occurs when swapping the alternative list of Latency and increased memory usage were iss...

[Java] igv memory settings

2 minute read

what happened Can’t open a file on a memory loading machine due to an out of memory error? ? ? ?