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[Java] Android Detects pinch-in and pinch-out

3 minute read

Introduction Hello. This time, I will detect the pinch operation with Android. I will explain how to distinguish between pinch-in and pinch-out.

[Java] How to make Burp Suite extensions

1 minute read

It is a post of (almost) daily Qiita article. It is quite difficult to write every day, so it may be better to put together URLs of information of interest ...

[Java] HashMap and HashSet classes

1 minute read

HashMap class HashMap is a collection that can manage a collection of elements that have a set of keys and values.

[Java] ArrayList class

less than 1 minute read

Use an ordinary array after deciding how many elements to store.

[Java] About Records added in preview in Java JDK 14

1 minute read

Introduction Java is also fast and JDK15 will be released soon! (Scheduled for September 2020) However, it was honest that the JDK 14 just before that didn’...

[Ruby] [Ruby] I made a simple Ping client

2 minute read

Overview I tried to make a simple client that sends and receives ICMP Echo Request only once, so before I forget it, I memorized what I learned during imple...

[Ruby] [Rails] About active hash

less than 1 minute read

What is Active Hash A gem that allows you to manipulate hashed values like Active Record It is convenient because you can also attach a Relation