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[Java] @quantity

less than 1 minute read

[Ruby] Rails Tutorial cheat sheet

4 minute read

“I did a Rails Tutorial, but after two weeks I can’t remember what I did.”

[Ruby] I want to delete files managed by Git

less than 1 minute read

When I forget to write it in .gitignore and commit it, “Adding to .gitignore is all right…” Do you misunderstand that? Like me.. sweat

[Ruby] Getting started with Ruby

4 minute read

irb Interactive execution environment Check object type ”Character string” (receiver).class → String 1.class → Integer check object_id “String”.object_id → ...

[Ruby] Getting started with Ruby 2

2 minute read

initialize When an object is created with the new method, the initialize method of that object is executed

[Java] Format and serialize nicely in Jackson

less than 1 minute read

When I want to serialize to JSON in Java, I often use Jackson because JSON-B is not powerful enough, but I always forget how to write it, so it is a memo.

[Java] [Rails] JavaScript-related tests

1 minute read

Introduction In the test with Capybara, you need to change the setting a little if you want to process JavaScript. As a simple example, let’s test the proce...