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[Java] TDD Barely #5 (July 18th, 2020)

less than 1 minute read

New knowledge Conditional operator (ternary operator) Conditional expression ?Expression 1: Expression 2 Process expression 1 if the conditional expression...

[Java] Tailwind on Rails

2 minute read

Why Tailwind on Rails? No need to decide class name Class name collision will be eliminated and it will be released from BEM and CSS design There is ...

[Java] Split string (Java)

1 minute read

Introduction I have summarized various patterns of character division.

[Ruby] [Rails] How to speed up docker-compose

less than 1 minute read

Development environment ・Docker: 19.03.8 ・Docker-Compose: 1.25.5 ・Ruby: 2.5.7 Rails: 5.2.4 ・Vagrant: 2.2.7 ・VirtualBox: 6.1 ・OS: macOS Catalina