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[Java] Java set excel document property

1 minute read

Excel document properties are descriptive information and include items such as author, title, subject, keywords, and categories. By setting the properties ...

[Ruby] Error when using rails capybara

less than 1 minute read

For the purpose of this time, like the following reference article, It was to be able to use the sign_in method when running the rspec test. https://qiita.c...

[Java] Asynchronous message sending

less than 1 minute read

Let the event fire when the form is submitted I will explain this description. In $(**), describe the class name of form. Enter the event name in .on(**,)....

[Ruby] [Rails 5.x] How to install free fonts

less than 1 minute read

How to introduce free fonts into Rails I wanted to introduce free fonts to my own portfolio, so I introduced them using the Qiita article as a reference. Th...

[Java] [Java] What is class inheritance?

2 minute read

What is class inheritance? Inheritance is a function to write the processing unique to the child class while inheriting the common processing by creating th...

[Ruby] Segfo Ruby in 2 lines

less than 1 minute read

I heard that it’s popular, so I tried it with Ruby

[Java] Segfo Java with 6 lines

3 minute read

This is my first post. Please understand that there may be some unsightly points.

[Java] Java array

1 minute read

Introduction Even if it is said that you can make it by progressively repeating, repeating, conditional branching, you can not make it at all! !! (Not relev...

[Ruby] If Pikachu counts to 100

3 minute read

I salvage what was in the trash. If you listen carefully to the place where two piercings continue, the trick (?) If Pikachu croaks, this is no longer true.