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[Java] My learning record

2 minute read

My learning record I had the opportunity to self-learn from April to July. As a 3rd year system engineer, I chose a learning theme unique to home study. I t...

[Ruby] Errors when introducing bcrypt

less than 1 minute read

Error when introducing #bcrypt A summary of solutions to small errors that occurred when introducing gem, bcrypt for encrypting passwords

[Java] Data management of owned books (portfolio)

5 minute read

I will post for the first time. I am a first-year new graduate working for a small and medium-sized enterprise. We are creating a portfolio for studying, wh...

[Ruby] [Rails] Manage data for each seed file

1 minute read

A team is creating a clone site for a certain flea app. At that time, I had some trouble handling the seed file, so I will leave it as a memorandum.

[Ruby] Write Rakefile movement in Runbook

5 minute read

Introduction As a part of graduation research, write the Rakefile for creating PDF used in the laboratory in Runbook format. Patrick Blesi, Github, runbo...

[Java] JAVA object mapping library

5 minute read

Introduction If refilling work is done manually for bean conversion, the amount of code will increase and maintainability is not good. There are convenience...

[Ruby] Evolution of Eevee with Ruby

2 minute read

Hello. That’s right. I started 4/27 programming just two months ago. Currently I am studying Go exclusively, but since I did a Progate Ruby course on the fi...