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[Ruby] how to start slim

1 minute read

slim installation Install slim in the app folder.

[Ruby] Which is faster, Array#sample or Random#rand?

less than 1 minute read

If you want to loop a few hundred thousand times in batch processing and choose a random number each time, I was wondering which one of Array#sample and Ran...

[Java] Try Quarkus with IBM Cloud Shell

2 minute read

This article is aimed at those who are starting Quarkus from now on, using the IBM Cloud Shell provided by IBM Cloud, the procedure of First Start of Quarku...

[Ruby] Impressions of making BlackJack-cli with Ruby

3 minute read

I found this article on Qiita, so I made a BlackJack with Ruby. Development of “blackjack” for graduation exams from beginners in programming | Qiita