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[Ruby] Check method call arguments in blocks with RSpec

less than 1 minute read

RSpec expect(foo).to receive(:bar).with(...) allows argument checking in several ways, but there are quite a few cases where you want to verify with a block.

[Java] Study notes about Java with Progate 1

1 minute read

I would like to start learning about Java, which is famous for being different from melon bread and melon, ham and hamster, from JavaScript. Go Go Jabber: s...

[Java] Docker-compose ~volume trap~

3 minute read

Introduction First post. My name is Chinese cabbage. I am a college student with no hobbies in programming. While I was writing the code the other day, I wa...

[Ruby] Chef Tutorial

10 minute read

In this tutorial, you will learn about Chef and how to use Chef to set up, build and deploy a simple React.js site on Alibaba Cloud.

[Java] [Java] Array

less than 1 minute read

Array definition Data type [] array name = {};