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[Ruby] Yay! I’m on Rails!

less than 1 minute read

Introduction It is the first Ruby on Rails memorial. on Rails! It may look familiar to seniors, but I’m happy. Environment

[Ruby] Thinking about logic Ruby

5 minute read

Embody what you want to do with code Briefly, it’s difficult to play. I want to increase the number of expressions I can use, but rather, I am bound by the ...

[Ruby] Solution when mysql2 is bundle install error

1 minute read

Prerequisites mac OS Rails ruby 2.6.3p62 (2019-04-16 revision 67580) [x86_64-darwin19] problem While looking at the teaching materials of a certain ...

[Ruby] Railsでgroup_by

less than 1 minute read

Sort group IDs in descending order of members

[Ruby] Rails Tips

less than 1 minute read

A personal memorandum table of contents Why you can get the value with .(dot) + column name when you access the database instance

[Ruby] Rails delegate method

1 minute read

Use #delegate method This article is a continuation of Introducing Presenters.

[Java] Muscle Java Object Oriented Day 1

1 minute read

instance What is a class? (Review) Something like a design document .Definition ・Status (status): Variable (field) ・Behavior (behavior): Method

[Ruby] Methods often used in Active Record

1 minute read

Methods used in ActiveRecord | Method | Role | Return value | Description example | |:–|:–|:–|:–| |valid? | Check if the target object is valid | true or fa...

[Java] Java creates pie chart in Excel

2 minute read

Pie charts are popular Excel charting tools. Pie charts help you analyze and understand abstract data more quickly and intuitively by allowing you to view t...

[Java] Java conditional branch

2 minute read

Introduction It is still difficult to explain small difficult parts in sentences, so I will write the basics of what I can do.

[Ruby] Ruby array operations

less than 1 minute read

map Image that returns an array of group ids with 5 or more people

[Java] Regarding application creation with springboot

1 minute read

We are now creating an app with the following features. ・Data input and registration ・List display of registration data ・Delete registered data Ambiguous se...