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[Java] [Java] Main data types

1 minute read

Overview List the major data types prepared in Java and organize the characteristics of each type.

[Java] [ev3×Java] Single motor control

7 minute read

This article is for people who want to operate ev3 with Java. This time I would like to control the motor in various ways.

[Ruby] Various GraphQL tests

2 minute read

Introduction Recently, I implemented the API with Graphql-ruby. Of course, I need to write a test for graphql, but since there seems to be various ways, I w...

[Ruby] Understand helper method form_with

less than 1 minute read

What is ##form_with form_with is one of the Rails helper methods and is described in the view file. This method allows you to send information.

[Ruby] line bot

less than 1 minute read

Quotations bot I made a bot that randomly replies the words of my favorite great person.

[Java] Java creates Word document

2 minute read

With its powerful word processing capabilities, Word is one of the most widely used tools in everyday work and life. In this article, I’ll show you how to u...

[Java] How to deploy kotlin(java) app with AWS fargate

1 minute read

Point If the amount of memory specified in the “task memory” of the fargate task definition is exceeded, the task will be killed. Therefore, it is nece...