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[Java] test

less than 1 minute read

What is the #mark down notation?

[Java] JS regular expression

less than 1 minute read

Regular expression in JQuery (Memorandum)

[Java] Java basics

less than 1 minute read

Introduction This is my memo

[Java] java (encapsulation)

1 minute read

Encapsulation ・Preventing illegal values in the field ・Create a “class that does not conflict” ・It is directly connected to the object-oriented essence of “...

[Java] Dependency management in layered architecture

3 minute read

What is this page? It is a page that organizes the management method of business logic introduced in a new project. How do you structure and use the related...

[Java] Android application personal development kickoff

1 minute read

Introduction I’ll put together a blog to organize what I have learned. I hope it helps other people. If you have any mistakes, please point me out. Also, if...

[Java] [Spring] Exception output test of controller

less than 1 minute read

Basically, the test of controller that receives request is often written using MockMvc. If you want to output an exception, the test of the exception output...

[Java] [Java] Creating original annotation

6 minute read

History When I implemented it using many annotations in the initial model, I got a review saying “Because it is hard to see, it will be easier to see if you...

[Java] I made a simple calculation problem game in Java

1 minute read

Addition game Suddenly, I remembered a game called adult DS training that trains the brain Training how to quickly solve the addition that was recorded in t...