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[Java] Use serial communication on Android

2 minute read

Introduction Since there is not much introduction about how to use serial communication with Android, I will describe it.

[Java] I was addicted to the roll method

less than 1 minute read

In the calendar class roll method, specify which part of the date is changed in the first argument and the change value in the second argument.

[Java] java (polymorphism)

1 minute read

Polymorphism “Abruptly capturing an instance” If inheritance establishes an is-a relationship, you can assign an instance to a variable of parent class type

[Java] Implementation of category pull-down function

1 minute read

In the final task of a certain programming school, I implemented a category pull-down function (a function that displays a category by pulling it down when ...

[Java] How to make shaded-jar

10 minute read

What is # Shaded jar One of the ways to avoid dependency-hell in Java.

[Java] Load test with JMeter

2 minute read

I did not have a memorandum about where I was addicted and an article that unexpectedly explained from top to bottom, so I summarized it.

[Java] Java adds page number to existing PDF document

1 minute read

In daily work, it is often necessary to add page numbers to PDF documents to make them easier to read, search, and manage. So I will show you how to use Fre...