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[Java] Multi-stage selection (Java/Groovy/Scala)

5 minute read

Multi-stage selection Answer day Series: Yield practice / Nesting generator / Implementation of integer square root and cube root...

[Java] Let’s create a peekable iterator

5 minute read

Foreword When creating a wrapper class for an iterator, there are often difficulties in implementing hasNext. If you just wrap it, you can delegate it to an...

[Java] log4j2

less than 1 minute read

I’ll always forget it, so take a note here.

[Java] Log4j 1.2.12 のadditivity, ConsoleAppender

1 minute read

Note: On August 5, 2015 the Logging Services Project Management Committee announced that Log4j 1.x had reached end of life. / Log4j version 1 is no longer s...

[Java] Execute Python file from html using Django

7 minute read

Write here In this article, I wrote about “Using Django to execute a Python file prepared on a server from a web page and output the data passed from html t...

[Java] Java to extract PDF text content

1 minute read

For everyday work, you may need to extract the text content contained in a large PDF document. And Free Spire.PDF for Java provides a convenient and fast wa...

[Java] eclipse shortcut table

2 minute read

Introduction OS is Windows 10 Basically, the operation has been confirmed with sts4, but it should work with Eclipse and Pleiades. I found many shortcuts, b...