[Rails] How to operate the helper method used in the main application with Administrate

Trouble, what you want to do

** \\ The helper method of the main application cannot be used /// **

This is when I used the gem ** Administrate to create an administration screen in the Rails app **. When I try to use the helper method defined in the helper file for use in the view of the main app in the view under admin, the following error occurs ...

スクリーンショット 2020-07-21 21.00.03.png

ʻImage_present?Is ** the helper method you are using in the main app view (which you have defined inhelpers / shops_helper.rb`) **. I don't get NoMethodError in the main app ... what should I do? ?? ??



** 1. Describe the following settings in the config / application.rb file. ** ** ** 2. Restart the application (server) **

that's all. It was easy lol


module Hoge
  class Application < Rails::Application
    #Other configs may be written

    #from here
    config.to_prepare do
      Administrate::ApplicationController.helper Hoge::Application.helpers
    #So far

Administrate::ApplicationController.helper Hoge::Application.helpers

Replace the Hoge part of with your own app name.

It was firmly listed on GitHub Issues and was resolved

Best way to include main app helper modules in administrate? #334 スクリーンショット 2020-07-21 20.51.34.png


Looking at GitHub Issues listed in the reference article, there seems to be other ways.

スクリーンショット 2020-07-21 20.52.13.png

This method is

  1. Create a ʻadministrate directory under the helpers` directory
  2. Create a ʻapplication_helper.rb` file there
  3. Redefine the helper method there It seems to be the method.

I tried it


module Administrate::ApplicationHelper
  def image_present?(shop)
    if shop.shop_images.present?
      image_tag "#{shop.shop_images[0].shop_image}", class: 'top-cover-img shop-img'
      image_tag asset_path('no-image.png'), class: 'top-cover-img shop-img'

The point is class inheritance when declaring module? It seems to write (ʻAdministrate :: Application Helper`). Without this, you will get a Routing Error. スクリーンショット 2020-07-21 21.10.13.png

Can be achieved, but violates the DRY principle

I could have realized it by the above method, but I thought that it was ** contrary to the DRY principle ** because the same helper method would be defined twice.

We recommend the first method because you don't have to create useless files.

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