[Rails] Solving the problem that session timeout does not work


-Define a timeout method -Even though the code itself is not wrong, the session is judged as nil, the method is not processed well, and an error occurs.

Timeout method


  def create
# ...

   session[:last_access_time] = Time.current

# ...


  TIMEOUT = 5.minutes

  def time_out
     if session[:last_access_time] > TIMEOUT.ago
       session[:last_access_time] = Time.current
       flash[:danger] = "Timed out."
       redirect_to :login

When I build the above method and then try to log in, an error occurs.

NoMethodError (undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass):
# session[:last_access_time]Is judged to be nil.


I solved it by deleting the cookie on the browser side. Probably because I defined the method while logged in You may have been angry at "there is no session [: last_access_time]".

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