[Ruby] [Self-study] Creating a portfolio (original application) after finishing the Rails tutorial

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This time

**Although I learned the Rails tutorial, I will write for those who are struggling to create a portfolio (original application) **.

(I think it will be helpful for those who are attending school.)


·24-years-old ・March 2020: Start programming learning ・June Portfolio creation started Portfolio Github ・From July to now, while working on contract development, I am changing jobs to an engineer.

Rails tutorial Why can’t I make a portfolio after learning?

That’s simply because the Rails Tutorial doesn’t teach you how to create a portfolio (original app). **

In the first place, the Rails Tutorial is a good teaching material for understanding the structure of Rails. (Probably school materials too)

As a matter of fact, after I finished the Rails tutorial, I worked on portfolio creation immediately, but it stopped working.

Therefore, I will introduce the three steps that I practiced.

1. Refer to the portfolio of inexperienced people who are changing jobs
2. Anyway make
3. Ask an active engineer to see

1. Refer to the portfolio of inexperienced people who are changing jobs

Most job hunters publish their portfolio and Github repositories so let’s look at both.

Most of the code is simple and written, so if you have a good understanding of the Rails tutorial, you can almost understand it.

There are many features (gems) that do not appear in the Rails tutorial, so you can understand what features you can implement with Rails.

I actually found the search function (Ransack) and login function (Devise) through other portfolios.

2. make it anyway

You can make simple things, so make them anyway!

The first service I created was ** “A service that allows you to post which muscles are being exercised in which gym”. To be honest, it’s awful. (If you want to see, please search from my Github w)

However, you can understand what you do not understand and resolve various errors yourself without actually moving your hands.

One point is to write a mockup before making it!

So ** Make it for now! **Limited to this.

3. Ask an active engineer to see

This is more important than anything!

I can’t help saying “What are you talking about when you’re self-taught?”, but **it’s really important for an active engineer to see **crying

As mentioned in 2. Understanding things that I don’t understand and solving various errors by myself is limited by one person, and it takes a considerable amount of time.

The portfolio mentioned at the beginning was created by myself by myself, but I made a correction based on the feedback received from the active engineers, and it was considerably evaluated in the casual interview, so those who are doing their best by themselves , Let’s get a review from an active engineer for beginners!

I entered the online salon and got a review, but it’s good to post it on Twitter etc!


Since I wrote it for beginners, there may be few people who can refer to it.

I didn’t know what to do when I was self-taught, so I hope you find this article a bit helpful!

Next, I will give you some technical difficulties in creating a portfolio!