[Ruby] TECH CAMP learning individual app ④ git ignore

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What is 5K! ?

While creating a personal application, I noticed that I did not make a pull request to Git Hub while creating user management. It was written with caution that there was a lot of data accumulated and I could not pull request all because it was displayed as “5K” in the workspace.

Changes are also displayed on the Git Hub desktop as 500, and it became 500!!??. Does 5K mean this? ?

And I was wondering if it was too late, how I could make a pull request, and I had to delete one of the files, so I deleted some files.

However, that alone did not work at all, and it did not go away, I just googled and finally found git ignore!!! I created a .git ignore file in VS code and added the following code. image.png

With this, changes are reduced to 91 at a stretch, and pull requests can be made.

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