[Ruby] The story that it was good to go to the programming school.

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*This article is a little longer than the introduction.

Hello, it’s Shota!

It’s been seven months since I studied programming. It’s so quickly that time passes. .. .. By the way, my Ruby experience is about 4 months

After graduating from a programming school in July, I can now write simple apps in Ruby, but at first it didn’t work.

The first setback is the Progate Dojo.

Let’s do programming! I thought First I started with a stable Progate.

However, as a college student, studying, two club activities, part-time job, play, etc. There were quite a few things I did, so I was proceeding at a slow pace.

I think that it took about one to two cycles of HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery in about two months.

After doing Progate, I did the HTML Dojo for the first time to test my skills. And I was in despair. (Lol)

For the first time in programming, “It’s really difficult, right??” It was the moment I felt.

With this opportunity, the number of times I sit down in front of my computer has decreased.

This is a typical setback pattern.

However, I could not give up my thoughts on programming, and four months after my setback I have also restarted Progate.

This time it was a winter vacation and I had a lot of time, so I studied programming almost every day for 1-2 months by myself.

But I realized that while I was doing it. “I think I can’t beat the people who go to the programming school by self-study.” That means.

Looking at Twitter, “You can get a job by yourself” or “You can become an engineer by yourself” That’s because I’m quite told.

If you look at those things, “Self-study is not surprising” I think easily.

Sure, I think it’s possible. But my personal opinion is that going to school will help you grow and gain much. Also, the probability of getting a project and the chance of becoming an engineer should definitely increase if they go to school.

It’s easy to understand by taking sports as an example.

For example, let’s say you have a child who goes to a tennis school and another child who doesn’t go to a tennis school but plays tennis.

The children who go to the tennis school are Every day, I will practice and play games with my colleagues in a good environment with the coach and coach teaching me. If the form is wrong or you try a new play, the basics will teach you well.

On the other hand, for children who have not gone to tennis school, I watch the videos of people who are good at playing tennis every day, and keep playing the wall while watching videos. It’s hard to notice even if you have a strange form by yourself.

Now, let’s say that these two guys play a match. As you can see, some kids aren’t going to school The odds of winning will be very low.

That’s right. Schools have a better practice environment and can be instructed. In addition, the videos of tennis that children who haven’t gone to school can also watch and see.

I think the same thing can be said in the world of programming schools.

That’s why programming schools are worth going.

** “Develop services that influence and positively affect many people” **

That is my goal. To do that, you need to be a skilled engineered engineer.

And to achieve that,

** Better to be an engineer, better to go to programming school **

It means that.

When I noticed this, I applied to the programming school immediately.

As for the impression of the programming school,

** “It was good to go anyway” **

This is all there is to say.

What was it good for? There are mainly two points.

The first is to be able to immediately ask what you do not understand ** Second, what you can continue

First, if you don’t understand something, you can hear it immediately.

Self-study makes it difficult to get out of an error no matter how much you check I think there is something like that.

However, if you have an environment where you can listen to things you do not understand, you will not have to worry about being stopped for a long time there. When I asked Mentor, it wasn’t the answer but the hints that came back. So I was able to resolve the error without wasting time and without stopping my thoughts. Luckily, my dedicated mentor is a very kind person It was very easy to do.

Second, you can continue

It is important to continue programming, but I think it is true. Self-study is easy to frustrate. really. Well, I was frustrated, and lol It is said that there is a 90% chance of frustration due to self-study in programming. A programming school costs a lot of money, right? But when I go to school, I feel like I don’t want to lose, so I think it’s easier to continue. The school also has a system to keep students going.

Well, like this, Listen immediately, continue

I think that was a very good point.

Conclusion, ** It was nice to go to the programming school. **

Those who want to get results as quickly as possible, or those who have some high goals in programming, I recommend going to a programming school!

By the way, I “Tech Academy Web Application Course” So it was a 12 week plan.

I will put a link for the time being! Link to Tech Academy is here ☞ https://techacademy.jp/

It’s been a long time, but thank you for reading to the end!