[Java] What is IM-Juggling

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What was IM-Juggling, and a question came from a junior. The description that mentions IM-Juggling is official site of intra-mart, the following is described.

IM-Juggling is an environment construction tool that can execute module management and remote deployment of WAR files. Use this tool to introduce new features and apply bug fixes.

The junior who asked the question comes from a physical network and is not good at Web applications. Furthermore, I don’t know what it means when I say “Intramart”. It seems that you learned various things as a junior and understood that it looks like a Web application, I didn’t seem to understand it specifically.

Fortunately, my organization uses intra-mart, IntramartpublishesDemoSite, so intra-mart screen I was able to explain while showing. Let’s see if we could explain it well…

The introduction has become long, but in this article I will explain what ``IM-Juggling is’’ for juniors.


I will break down the wording of the official website for juniors who are not good at Web applications. ・Module management (module) ・War file ・Deploy ・Environment building tools

Module management

To explain this, I had to explain what intra-mart was. ** Without fear of misunderstanding **, the basic functional unit described in What is intra-mart is ``module’’ Can be said.

War file

I call it “war” instead of “war”. I do not know the correct answer. A type of file that is a collection of web applications. ·program ・HTML ·image ·setting file


Deploying the web application on the application server By executing this procedure, it can be executed as a Web application.

Environment construction tool

In case of IM-juggling, it is a tool that creates a War file while ensuring the consistency of various modules selected by the user.

At the end

Probably, I think it is like this for IM-Juggling.