What is IM-Juggling?


What is IM-Juggling? A question came from my junior. The description that mentions IM-Juggling is intra-mart official website Has the following description.

IM-Juggling is an environment construction tool that can manage modules and remotely deploy WAR files. Use this tool to introduce new features and apply bug fixes.

The junior who asked the question is from a physical network and is not familiar with Web applications. Even if you say "" intramart "", you don't know what it is. It seems that I understood that it looks like a Web application by researching various things as a junior. I didn't seem to understand it specifically.

Fortunately, the organization I belong to uses intra-mart, and Since Intramart has released Demo Site, the screen of intra-mart I was able to explain while showing. I'll put it aside if I could explain it well ...

Although the introduction has become long, in this article I will explain what is IM-Juggling `` for juniors.


We will break down the wording of the official website for juniors who are not familiar with web applications. -Module management (module) ・ War file ・ Deploy ・ Environment construction tool

Module management

To explain this, I needed to explain what intra-mart is. ** Don't be afraid to misunderstand **, the basic functional unit described in What is intra-mart is module Can be said.

War file

I call it "war" instead of "war". I don't know the correct answer. A type of file that summarizes web applications. ·program ・ HTML ·image ·setting file


Placing a web application on an application server By performing this procedure, you can run it as a web application.

Environment construction tool

In the case of IM-juggling, it is a tool that creates a War file while ensuring the consistency of various modules selected by the user.

At the end

I think it's like this about IM-Juggling.

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