Change the half-width space of STS (Spring Tool Suite) from "u" to "・"

I introduced STS to learn Spring Framework, but it is very difficult to see the half-width space with u, so I will make a note of the change procedure. The procedure is basically the same as for Eclipse.

STS version

Spring Tool Suite 4 Version: 4.6.0.RELEASE


STS installation path (depending on the person, but for reference) "C:\Applications\sts-4.6.0.RELEASE\dropins\MergeDoc\eclipse\plugins\jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades\conf\pleiades-config.xml"

			$3	= $3.equals("·" ) ? "ᴜ"	//Half-width space Example: ▫ᵁᐡᶸᓑᴜՍ
                <!--↓ ↓ Change to the following ↓ ↓-->
            $3	= $3.equals("" ) ? "ᴜ"	//Half-width space Example: ▫ᵁᐡᶸᓑᴜՍ

that's all. Let's have a good coding life. Thank you for your hard work.

Reference URL

Change the half-width space display of eclipse from u to ・

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