[Ruby] Cloud9 is out of memory: Rails tutorial memorandum

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Cloud9 is out of memory: Rails tutorial memorandum

In the situation where the following message appears on Cloud 9 and the console freezes

This environment is running low on memory (132 MB of virtual memory left). To free up memory, kill processes by choosing “Tools >Process List” in the menu bar. To migrate this environment to one that has more memory, …


Reboot your EC2 instance


Rails Tutorials Chapter 13 Ongoing Things I’m not sure about the trigger, but when I run Test

… Missing helper file helpers/microposts_helper.rb …

So that an error such as

What to do when AbstractController::Helpers::MissingHelperError:Missing helper file occurs in Ruby on Rails-Qiita

There was an article saying that you should do bundle update Where I tried

The above notification can be issued on Cloud9…

There is not much information even if I google I thought about rebuilding the environment using Docker that I wanted to try at all

In the end, restarting the EC2 instance solved both.

Reboot Instance-Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Cloud9, an online IDE, Provided by the EC2 service that is part of AWS You are running on a virtual server (this is an EC2 instance)

I am delighted that the word instance has become more familiar to my mind, It was a learning that the horizons of the AWS overview expanded