[RUBY] A review of the code used by rails beginners


I learned rails with progate and dot installation and explained the code used. It will be used as an output to improve the efficiency of learning, so I would be grateful if you could point out any mistakes.

Code and description used

Command line

$ rails new myblog

Create an application.

$ rails g model Post title:string body:text

Create a model and table. A model is a class that interacts with the database. string creates a string and text creates a long string.

$ rails db:migrate

Reflect changes in the database

$ rails g controller Posts

Create a controller. controller: It has the role of receiving requests from the browser and exchanging with model / view.

$ rails routes

Check the contents of the set routing. Routing: Recognizes the received URL and assigns it to the appropriate in-controller action.

$ rails c

Run rails console

$ rails s

Start the rails server.

Code used in the controllser.rb file

@post = Post.find_by(id: params[:id])

Find the appropriate id in the database and assign that data to @ post.


Save the contents of @ post to the database.


Delete the contents of @ post from the database. When writing a link to a destroy action, write a method.

def update
    redirect_to("Folder name/file name")

redirect_to makes a page transition to the specified URL after executing the action.

def update
    render("Folder name/file name")

render displays the view directly at the specified URL without going through another action.

def update
    flash[:notice] = "Enter the characters you want to display"

Display a flash message in the place where <% = flash [: notice]%> is described. The feature of flash messages is that they are displayed only once on the page.

def index
    @posts = Post.all

Get all the data.

Steps to create a new page

Let's take a look at the steps to create a detail page as an example. Therefore, the action name is show. The controller name is posts described in the command line item. There are three steps, but it doesn't matter which one you start with.


def show

① Add the show action to the controller file.


get "posts/:id" => "posts#show"

② Add routing to the show action.

③ Create show.html.erb in the ʻapp viewsposts` folder in the created application.

Create a link

You will see a link that takes you to the details page from ʻindex`.


<%= link_to(post.content, "/posts/#{post.id}") %>

The link_to method corresponds to the<a>tag. In this case, the text described in post becomes a link and moves to the page of ʻid` obtained from the database.

Save the content entered in the form to the database


<%= form_tag("/posts/create") do %>
  <textarea name="content"></textarea>
<% end %>

form_tag sends the value of the input form. Set the name attribute to specify the value to send.


@post = Post.new(content: params[:content])

Save the data received from the input form in the database. After saving, go to the ʻindex.html.erb` page.

Add a column


rails g migration filename

① Create a migration file.

  add_column :table name, :Column name, :Data name

(2) Describe the contents of the migration file.


rails bg:migrate

③ Save in the database.


Anyway, I would like to continue learning to the extent that I can make deliverables with rails!

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