[RAILS] I want to test Action Cable with RSpec test


It doesn't explain how to set up Rspec. Please refer to this article and set it up. https://qiita.com/tatsurou313/items/c923338d2e3c07dfd9ee

1. Set Capybara's server to puma.

After investigating, it seems that Capybara's default server is just running the Rails application in a separate thread, and you need to use puma to use Action Cable. Therefore, it was necessary to describe in rails_hepler etc. to use puma.


Capybara.server = :puma

I thought this was OK, but for some reason the test still fails.

       expect {
         fill_in "message_content", with: "Thanking you in advance."
         click_button "Send"
       }.to change(Message, :count).by(1)
       expected `Message.count` to have changed by 1, but was changed by 0

2. Set the waiting time with sleep.

It's easy to understand with a little thought, but probably because of asynchronous communication, the message table count did not increase immediately.


    expect {
      fill_in "message_content", with: "Thanking you in advance."
      click_button "Send"
      sleep 5
    }.to change(Message, :count).by(1)

So, if you put sleep like this, the test will pass successfully.

There were some articles about changing Capybara to puma, but I couldn't find an article about setting sleep, so I posted it.

Reference article

https://qiita.com/tatsurou313/items/c923338d2e3c07dfd9ee https://blog.willnet.in/entry/2017/06/05/092956

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