Story of [Java standard input solution]

Standard input on Java edition

The content is the Java version of Last time (Python version). As for my impression, I like Python because it is simpler. Later, I felt the gratitude for the type being decided arbitrarily. The following code omits public ... etc., so only the main part is described.

The most primitive process

The work itself of creating a variable called "input" and assigning it is done with ".nextLine ()".

//Suppose the input data is

Scanner input = new Scanner(;//Define a variable that contains the input value


String l = input.nextLine();//Get as a string


int l = input.nextInt();//Get as an integer

Since Python ends with l = input (), I get the impression that it is quite sluggish ...

When they are connected side by side (acquire one by one)

//Suppose the input data is
//5 10 15

Scanner input = new Scanner(;//Define a variable that contains the input value

String l =;//Get as a string


int l =;//Get as an integer

It's relatively easy to get just one. Rather, I feel that this is good for the one above.

When it is connected horizontally (obtained as List)

//Suppose the input data is
//5 10 15

Scanner input = new Scanner(;//Define a variable that contains the input value

List<String> l = Arrays.asList(input.nextLine().split(" "));
//Get as a string. split("")Then you can take one character at a time, so it seems to be applicable.


???//Get as an integer

Utilize a variable list. One list is a lot of work ... The integer is unverified. (Scheduled to be added) I feel like I can use List (unverified).

If it is connected vertically ⇒ Add

Extra: The most primitive processing (summarized)

//Suppose the input data is

String l = new Scanner(;

//If you want to retrieve only one data, this is all. l=It becomes 5.

If you really want to retrieve only one piece of data, you can still read it. If you repeat the same syntax, an error will occur, so it seems that it can not be used very much for skill check of paiza.


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