Use MailHog for checking emails in the development environment (using Docker)

In the development environment, the method of checking emails may be troublesome or you may be careful about the delivery destination, but if you use a tool called MailHog, you can easily set up an environment where you can check closed emails locally.

Mail Hog seems to be made in Go language.

I used to use another similar tool called MailCatcher, but I switched to MailHog because it was easier to build.

Start up with the following configuration with docker-compose.

file organization
├── docker-compose.yml
└── php
    ├── docker
    │   ├── Dockerfile
    │   └── php.ini
    └── mail_test.php

docker-compose.yml Since the web interface is used on port 8025, set the port.

version: '3'
   context: ./
   dockerfile: php/docker/Dockerfile
   - ./php/:/var/www/html/
  image: mailhog/mailhog
   - "8025:8025" #Web interface port

Dockerfile Since mhsendmail is required to send mail from php, install it with Dockerfile.

FROM php:5.6-apache
WORKDIR /var/www/html
RUN curl -sSL -o mhsendmail \
    && chmod +x mhsendmail \
    && mv mhsendmail /usr/local/bin/mhsendmail
COPY ./php/docker/php.ini /usr/local/etc/php/

php.ini Rewrite [mail function].

[mail function]
; For Unix only.  You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i").
; sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
;Rewritten below
sendmail_path = "/usr/local/bin/mhsendmail --smtp-addr=mailhog:1025"



$to      = "[email protected]";
$subject = "TEST";
$message = "Email test";
$headers = "From: [email protected]";

mb_send_mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);
up with docker-compose
$ docker-compose up -d
Building php
Step 1/4 : FROM php:5.6-apache
 ---> 24c791995c1e
Step 2/4 : WORKDIR /var/www/html
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 1294d05c5c03
Step 3/4 : RUN curl -sSL -o mhsendmail     && chmod +x mhsendmail     && mv mhsendmail /usr/local/bin/mhsendmail
 ---> Using cache
 ---> db0719944c4e
Step 4/4 : COPY ./php/docker/php.ini /usr/local/etc/php/
 ---> 264eb166413a
Successfully built 264eb166413a
Successfully tagged mailhog_php:latest
WARNING: Image for service php was built because it did not already exist. To rebuild this image you must use `docker-compose build` or `docker-compose up --build`.
Pulling mailhog (mailhog/mailhog:)...
latest: Pulling from mailhog/mailhog
df20fa9351a1: Already exists
ed8968b2872e: Pull complete
a92cc7c5fd73: Pull complete
f17c8f1adafb: Pull complete
03954754c53a: Pull complete
60493946972a: Pull complete
368ee3bc1dbb: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:8d76a3d4ffa32a3661311944007a415332c4bb855657f4f6c57996405c009bea
Status: Downloaded newer image for mailhog/mailhog:latest
Creating mailhog_php_1     ... done
Creating mailhog_mailhog_1 ... done
mailhog web interface

Show on localhost: 8025 image.png

Execute mail sending script from inside php container
$ docker exec -it mailhog_php_1 /bin/bash
[email protected]:/var/www/html# php mail_test.php

Notification of arrival of mail is displayed on windows image.png You can see that the email has arrived image.png image.png

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