[RUBY] Environment construction method and troubleshooter at the time of joint development (rails, docker and github)


Our web application development environment is built on ** Docker container **. The container that runs rails named web and the container that runs MySQL called db are launched at the same time with docker-compose up.


Benefits of using docker container

--Easy and fast environment construction --Easy to share and unify the environment --Avoid dependence on the local environment --You can immediately build the same environment on the server at the time of release --Lower memory consumption than traditional virtualization technology

For the above reasons, I use Docker.


Ruby2.5.3 Rails5.2.2 MySQL5.7

Environment construction method

  1. Create an account on docker hub and download docker for desktop
  2. git clone to your local PC.
  3. Go to the directory and docker-compose up
  4. docker-compose exec web rails db:create
  5. docker-compose exec web rails db:migrate

--From the second time, only docker-compose up

In case of trouble (git edition)

I don't understand git at all

--Reference page: Introduction to monkey teacher's git

I want to push to github

$ git checkout -b Branch name to create

$git branch The name of the branch to create
$git branch Created branch name
But yes

Make a branch with. The branch name that you can see what you are doing is good

$ git init 
$ git add (file name)Or git add.
$ git commit -m "comment"
$git push origin branch name

After pushing, a yellow bar will appear on github. If you want to reflect it in master, press Compare & pull request

I don't know the remote branch

Remote branch list display

$ git branch -r

I want to pull a branch pushed by another person locally

$ git fetch

Update your local branch to the latest


In case of trouble (docker edition)

When port 3000 does not start even after docker-compose up.

--The server did not shut down properly the last time you shut down docker --Reference article: https://qiita.com/JUNO-LEARN/items/d7b49f130b62f0740a1c --Try deleting tmp / pids / server.pid

I want to go inside the container

$ docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                               NAMES
b9abd4473fd9        watch_project_web   "rails s -p 3000 -b …"   28 hours ago        Up 28 hours>3000/tcp              watch_project_web_1
d55c5240d70d        mysql:5.7           "docker-entrypoint.s…"   28 hours ago        Up 28 hours>3306/tcp, 33060/tcp   watch_project_db_1

Check the running container ID with

$ docker exec -it {Container name} bash

I want to see a database without entering a container

docker-compose exec db mysql -uroot -p

I want to use the rails command without entering the container

docker-compose exec web rails 〜〜

You can also enter a container called web and use commands directly like rails ~ ~.

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